What Life Is Like Now For A VA Tech Survivor Who Was Shot 4 Times

April 16, 2007 started out like any other day for college student Colin Goddard. The senior International Studies major woke up that morning, picked up a friend on his way to Virginia Tech and made his way to his 9 a.m. French class in Norris Hall. But roughly halfway through the lecture, everything changed. A lone gunman burst through the door and opened fire. Read more

When a Bullet Enters a Body: Gun Violence as Seen by a Trauma Surgeon

Last week, The Trace spoke with sociologist Jooyoung Lee, who documents the myriad psychological and physical wounds endured by gunshot survivors. Many of the victims featured in Lee’s work would (or should) have been treated at a medical facility called a trauma center. Unlike conventional emergency rooms, Level 1 trauma centers are uniquely equipped to deal with critically injured patients, with highly-trained rapid-response teams —including surgeons — on call 24 hours a day. When a gunshot victim enters a Level 1 trauma center, his chances of survival increase by 25 percent. Read more

Program Educates Kids About Gun Violence

A program to educate youth on gun violence is receiving a lot of recognition. The program is called “Educating Kids About Gun Violence” or “EKG” for short.

Officers were trained on the program Wednesday when 64 officers from 37 agencies across the state attended the training. The six hour session took place at Fayetteville’s Special Operations Museum. Read more

Bessemer Police Chief Accidentally Killed While Cleaning Gun

State Police say a Lawrence County police chief was killed Sunday.

They say he accidentally shot himself over the weekend while cleaning a .40 caliber pistol at his home. Police say he was home alone at the time, but was discovered a short while later by his girlfriend. Read more